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GoSavvy for Hotels

According to a report published by Google in February 2016, over 70% of hotel bookings happen on mobile devices. GoSavvy is India's leading mobile only hotel booking platform allowing millennial travellers to book hotels on the go. Our Hotel partners use GoSavvy to liquidate their unsold inventory and increase revenue. With our mobile only solution your pricing remains exclusive and you a more qualified and focused audience. Our Multi- Category product with Integrated Rooms, F&B, and Guest Services & MICE solution caters to corporate travellers & SME's. GoSavvy is changing the landscape of the online travel booking industry to provide consumers more value for the buck!

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Extranet - For Hotels


  • Easy and automated extranet to manage inventory and rates in real time
  • Hoteliers can increase revenue by clearing distressed inventory

  • Integrate with channel managers and hotel PMS
  • Improve productivity and increase the operational efficiency

  • Manage rates and inventory on the extranet via smartphones and tablets

  • Analytics and insights shown in the Dashboard for revenue managers and sales teams to monitor bookings

  • Help hotels push exclusive promotions and offers etc. to help them improve sales, revenue & operational efficiency

Our Value

40% of Hotel Room inventory goes unsold every night
50% of Hotel F&B inventory goes unsold every meal
60% of Hotel Spa Inventory does unsold everyday
80% of Hotel Meeting Room inventory goes unsold everyday
Now thats plenty of unsold inventory that hotels are struggling to get rid of

How GoSavvy can help you

Hotels can increase their revenues by upto 25% by liquidating their inventory on a last minute basis through the GoSavvy Platform
GoSavvy utiliizes advanced and automated technology to distribute this inventory on an on-demand basis
Instant Payments for rooms sold
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Hotel Partners

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Work directly with us - eliminate distribution costs, middlemen fees & platforms fees. We will share the savings between you, us and end users. Any hotel or chain globally above the 3* category is qualified to sign up directly with GoSavvy.

Our main target customer is the Indian domestic outbound business traveller. Since our focus is on Small and Medium Enterprise (SME’s), we are able to generate a relatively high ARR as we are able to liquidate high volumes of upper category rooms in addition to the base category room volumes. Liquidating upper category rooms is known to be one of the hotel industry's biggest pain points, however, we have mastered the art of up-selling hotel experiences to our guests.