Careers at GoSavvy

GoSavvy is always looking for people with the right kind of talent and a go-getter attitude.

We believe in doing more with less. If you possess the efficiency and work ethic that we are looking for, we will provide you with more than just a “job opportunity”. We believe in creating meaningful career options.


Top 10 reasons to work with GoSavvy


At GoSavvy, everyone's opinion matters. Irrespective of one's experience or designation, all employees are treated equally. We maintain an open door policy, ensuring that communication lines between the head of the organisation and all the team members are always open.


GoSavvy has the backing and support of industry experts across a wide spectrum who've "been there done that." We are moving towards a future that, most often, others can only dream of.


The work we do is never considered a task. We enjoy what we do. When the team works, it's fun because everybody is working towards the common goal of making the client happy. Most people get the Monday blues but here at GoSavvy we look forward to the Monday moves!!


GoSavvy provides immense scope for learning through its training sessions. You are never pushed into a role and there is minimal scope of work getting monotonous. Constant reviews with employees ensures that you have the utmost job satisfaction and are learning constantly on the job.


We are privileged to be associated with some of the biggest names in the industry. GoSavvy gives us an opportunity to interact with clients, fronting the business aspects and not just remaining behind the scenes, doing their work. Believe it or not, this has a huge positive impact on the output.


At GoSavvy, there is no bureaucracy, only democracy. There are no rules set in stone. For any new initiative or rule or policy, team members are always kept in the loop and final decision happen with everybody's consent. So you get to make your own rules and abide by them. It keeps everyone happy and accountable.


One of the big highs at GoSavvy, flexibility, is not just on paper but implemented in practice. You don't miss out on any important appointments or that "special date" you have been looking forward to. You can work out your own schedule, provided you do not miss out on deadlines.


Someone once said, "Great organizations thrive on diverse thoughts and ideas". At GoSavvy, diversity is a way of life. You will work with people who have wide and deep perspectives, varied backgrounds and experiences. Sounds interesting? Hop on, see it and believe it.


Everybody knows what a headache it is to commute for hours to the middle of nowhere. The GoSavvy office is located in the heart of the city where work and fun co-exist. Step outside to find yourself surrounded by so many of Bangalore's coolest restaurants and pubs, that it's almost unbelievable.


The name GoSavvy speaks for itself. It has all the necessary ingredients to take it to the top. Wouldn't you like to be associated with it?