About Us

GoSavvy formerly known as SavvyMob is a Bangalore based Online Travel Agency (OTA). GoSavvy provides an on-demand mobile marketplace offering hospitality inventory to business travellers at the lowest price. The company also offers a custom booking tool for all types of hospitality inventory. GoSavvy’s aims is to work with SMEs and Independent Travellers, helping them save up to 50% on their hotels cost.

Travel is a wonderful part of life. The places you go and the people you meet become a small portion of who you are. GoSavvy believes that travel should be a lot less hectic and has developed solutions to simplify the way you experience new places, new adventures and new travels. It all starts with seamless hotel bookings, without any deadlines.

GoSavvy also operates a brand of Boutique Concept hotels called Box Hotels (GoSavvy Collection). The hotel chain targets millennial and corporate travellers with concept hotels that adopt up-cycling and re-using materials to build its hotels. The base of the hotels are made from re-fabricated Shipping Containers.


Our Story

Founded in 2015 by ex-AOL & CNN executives with deep experience in Internet and Mobile and a truckload passion for Travel. GoSavvy is a two sided marketplace; on one side it aims to provide hotels a robust technology driven solution to liquidate all types of unsold hospitality inventory, while on the other side it aims to provide SME's and the business traveller with instant access to the lowest pricing for last minute travel. The platform has access to over 200,000 hotels in the budget, mid and luxury segment across 5,000+ global destinations. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India and distributes its inventory through a mobile platform available on both iOS and Android. GoSavvy is today one of India's leading players in the Business Travel space.

In 2017, GoSavvy entered the owned and operated branded hospitality inventory space under the name Box Hotels (GoSavvy Collection) with its flagship property in Goa. The concept adopts up-cycling and re-using materials to build it's hotels, while the base is made of re-fabricated Shipping Containers. Read more www.boxhotels.in

Our Mission


  • The Hotel Booking market in 2018 will be USD 6,200 MM
  • 40% of Hotel Room inventory goes unsold every night
  • 50% of Hotel F&B inventory goes unsold every meal
  • 60% of Hotel Spa Inventory does unsold everyday
  • 80% of Hotel Meeting Room inventory goes unsold everyday
  • Now thats plenty of unsold inventory... Hotels currently have no technology solution to liquidate unsold inventory
  • Hotels can increase their revenues by upto 25% by liquidating their inventory on a last minute basis through the GoSavvy Platform


  • On the other hand there are over 200 MM Smartphone Users and over 48 MM SME's in India who are constantly travelling
  • Unlike corporates, SME's don't have access to a travel desk or someone to manage their travel, over 80% happens last minute
  • Finding the right hotel at the lowest price is time consuming
  • GoSavvy provides them over 20% savings on their travel through access to special pricing on unsold inventory at handpicked business friendly hotels


  • GoSavvy utiliizes advanced and automated technology to distribute this inventory on an on-demand basis
  • The platform also enables SME's to streamline and manage their employees business travel expenses

GoSavvy aims to be the King of unsold Inventory and the Swiss Army Knife for Small Business Travellers wherever they go

Meet the Team

  • Bikram Sohal


    Global technology business leader with over 25 years’ experience in the Internet, Mobile and Media industries. Launched and grew digital brands across APAC including CNN Travel, Aol.com, Engadget and Autoblog. Corporate and start-up experience in the US, India and Hong Kong. Alumnus of Yale, George Washington and Punjab Engineering College.

  • Gappan Annamalai


    General Manager with over 20 years’ experience in Analytics, Consulting & Strategy, Internet, Mobile and Media industries. Managed expansion of digital brands like Aol.com, Engadget and Autoblog across 12+ APAC countries. Founded Consulting and Mobile start-ups. Alumnus of The Ohio State University.

  • Abhijit Bhandari

    Product Manager

    An operations & BD specialist with over 12 years’ experience in the Consulting, Internet & Hospitality space. Has been with SavvyMob since inception working with all stake holders like the Clients, Hotels, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Leadership teams. Alumnus of St. Joseph’s College of Business Administration, Bangalore.

  • Gautham Muthanna

    Sales and Key Accounts Manager

    An account management specialist with over 5 years’ experience in managing key corporate accounts. Has been with SavvyMob from the early days responsible for business development, operations and managing relationships with supply partners and key accounts. Alumnus of St. Aloysius College, Mangalore.


Seed Round Funding - Dec 2015

Lead By - TV Mohandas Pai, Ex CFO Infosys, Chairman of Manipal Global

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